Volcán de Pacaya: Discover Guatemala along with roar of the nature.

I’ve had the opportunity of visiting this Magnificent volcano many times now, every time with very different kind of people.  From international visitors to family, to longtime friends and fitness junkies.

The good part about going with big groups is that the pace is light as the tour guide tries to meet everyone’s abilities and resistance. If you want to speed up the pace, you could suggest to those that aren’t used to this kind of effort to ride a horse, or even if you are capable of but want to take a different approach to the hike.

Going up with fitness junkies is completely different. You will climb up at a faster pace, take like hundred pictures to show off and, the best part, run on the way down. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just doing this for fun, you will have a wonderful time and yes, amazing pictures to show off as the scenery and views provided by nature are breathtaking.

Interested in visiting Pacaya while in Guatemala? What to expect? Tips and info about this experience?

You can check my article “Pacaya: Adventures in an Active Volcano in Guatemala” published by travelicious.world. Where you will find a guide, based on personal experience, to make the most of this unique experience.


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